Pictures from the SEMA Middle East Show 2017 in Dubai

Some pictures from our trip to Dubai for the 2017 SEMA Middle East Show. Impressive machines
and dedicated shops & owners made this a trip to remember! Plus Ferrari World and Skyscrapers…




















2jzgte VVTI E36 Sedan Project

It was a Wednesday if I recall, I was vigorously working at my desk not slacking off when I heard singing coming down the halls.



Our love for drifting is only surpassed by our love for the movie Frozen here at Wiring Specialties so how could I ever say no?

So we decided on going with an E36 sedan, after some hunting we found a relatively unmolested sedan with 200k miles on the clock.

“She smelled of cigarettes and Chanel number five but her potential for greatness was clear, so it began.”


She smelled of cigarettes and Chanel number five but her potential for greatness was clear, so it began.  Our decision to go with the 2JZGTE VVTI was simple.  Build an awesome car and get our VVTI harness finished up. We made some calls and had our 2j and r154 in hand relatively quick, next came a full cooling setup from our friends at Mishimoto.  Loaded the car in the trailer and brought it down to Freed Engineering in Maryland.  Luckily these guys make the best JZ E36 mounts on the market and got the car together and running in record time.  We snatched the sedan up on our way back from Atlanta and it was officially go time! 20160831_130450

Had a full set of Prime Coilovers from Fortune auto as well as a Ultra Angle kit from SLR.  The quality was on point with both and I quickly started ripping out the stock suspension. The angle set from SLR was simply breathtaking.  The only argument I had was the directions but with some help of the internet and a few friends we got it all together and it was awesome.

Stay tuned for part two!

Thermal Conductivity

Terms are constantly thrown around in the car industry. Most of us believe we know the meaning but in reality we just understand the concept, not the process and or cause.

A debate sparked in the office over Cast-Iron vs Aluminum that lead me to attempt a blog post concerning a subject in Chemical Physics.

I’m clearly a glutton for punishment.

Still have your attention? I’m impressed!

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Dumb or Smart


Spark plays a very important role in the engines performance but is often overlooked.  So let’s go over the basics of the Coil over plug “COP” system as well as the different types of components that are crucial in the success of our builds. Coils come in many shapes, sizes and are made by several manufactures but to keep it simple we will just talk about the difference between the most commonly used; Smart and Dumb coils.

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rb25det 240sx swap

RB25 240sx swap guide

What is needed to complete the wiring harness conversion?

1. rb25det engine wiring harness
2. s13 ka24e or de engine wiring harness
3. rb25det lower harness
4. s13 ka24e or de lower harness
5. soldier
6. soldiering iron
7. wire cutters and stripers
8. Tape and heat shrink.

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rb20det 240sx swap guide

RB20DET 240sx Swap Guide

Well this is a simple little guide that I (Carl H) have decided to put together after completing my rb20 swap into my 240sx. The wiring pertains to a DOHC car but it seems in practice that SOHC and DOHC swaps are the same or near the same. Most of this information was derived from Brandon Baune’s rough wring guide, some things I added or subtracted to fit my needs. As with anything of this sort no warranty is provided and if you mess up your own car then its your problem not mine. Make sure you know what you are doing and if you don’t, then make it a point to find some one who knows what they are doing. Also don’t copy this document without giving props to me, plagiarism is bad, and I won’t be happy if someone comes out and starts to claim that this write up was their idea. Anyways enough of that lets get down to the real meat of the topic.

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